Welcome to Dr. Karlheinz® – Excellence in Orthodontics!


Based in Central London, United Kingdom, the company has been a manufacturing powerhouse for some of world-renowned dental instruments brands since 1988. Now with the launch of its own retail online outlet, Dr. Karlheinz® embarks on the journey to open up the wealth of premium manufacturing experience, behind the scene knowledge and latest innovations in design, directly to the modern day orthodontists.


What makes us special?
The choice for a modern day orthodontist to procure orthodontic instruments has been quite limited for a while. Either you pay astronomical price for high quality instruments or you significantly compromise in instruments quality to lower your bill.


- Why can't you purchase premium quality orthodontic instruments at affordable prices?
- Why do you have to compromise so much in quality and warranty to bring the prices down?
- Why does the service level drop so considerably when you seek an inexpensive solution?


These very questions gave birth to Dr. Karlheinz® …


A premium brand where passion meets precision and experience meets quality; where premium is the norm and innovative masterpieces are the standard … A brand where lifetime warranty* marries affordability; where inexpensive price is the custom and excellent customer service is the mean of exceeding its customers’ expectations.


Dr. Karlheinz® - Premium Just Got Affordable!