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Welcome to Dr. Karlheinz®; your one stop online shop for finest quality orthodontic instruments. Explore our German Steel dental instruments with lifetime warranty* and Free UK shipping. Learn more about Dr. Karlheinz® diabetic friendly dental instruments that come in 30% lightweight Tungsten Carbide models. Uncover the dual-tone orthodontic instruments that carry anti-reflection surface and are fitted with durable box joint mechanism. Browse through our comprehensive range of finest quality instruments and experience the excellence in orthodontics!

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What Makes Dr. Karlheinz® Dental Instruments UK Special?

The choice for modern day orthodontists to buy premium quality dental instruments and tools has been quite limited for a while. Either you pay astronomical price for these dental instruments or you significantly compromise in orthodontic instruments quality to lower your bill. This is where Dr. Karlheinz® bridges the gap for the dentist conundrum. A brand where premium is the norm and innovative masterpieces are the standard; where inexpensive price is the custom and excellent customer service is the mean of exceeding its customers’ expectations. Dr. Karlheinz® - Premium Just Got Affordable!

Dr. Karlheinz®: Brand Profile

With headquarters in London, England, Dr. Karlheinz Healthcare Limited is a dental tools offshoot of a global healthcare organisation that was founded in 1987, houses 189 employees, operates across two continents and serves worldwide.

The company was named after the founder’s great grandfather, Dr. Karlheinz, who was a famous dental practitioner in Munich, Germany in the late 19th century. He inspired many within the family to carry his legacy in dentistry. The owner was so greatly impacted by his great grandfather’s contribution to the dental community, he decided to help carry that vision even further. Consequently, Dr. Karlheinz Healthcare Limited was born with a vision to become a global leader in dentist tools, healing the future with excellence in affordable healthcare.

In 2015, Dr. Karlheinz® launched its own dental tools premier brand at World Federation of Orthodontists congress in London, England amongst great interest by delegates. Its trademark innovate three-in-one design was an instant success resulting in more than 3,000 orthodontic delegates signing up for Dr. Karlheinz® programme.

The company is driven by its core mission of contributing to the medical world by producing dentist tools for the hands that heal humankind. Dr. Karlheinz® proudly affirms its commitment to customer service that pivots on hiring suitable and knowledgeable people to follow adequate processes with extensive product experience, as well as an appealing presentation that offers daring prices and lifetime warranty* to its most valuable asset, you, the client.

The company handles global distribution of Dr. Karlheinz® brand of orthodontic instruments and dental instruments. Furthermore, it proudly engages in private label manufacturing of various popular dental instruments brands across Europe, North & South America.

Explore our comprehensive range of finest quality orthodontic instruments on special offers. By joining us, you will lower your costs without lowering your quality, allowing you to grow your practice even more. Dr. Karlheinz® - Premium Just Got Affordable!